Q1: I see you are based in Toronto, Canada. Can you also help me if I live in the United States, France, England, or other country?

A1: Yes. Through the use of video and teleconferencing, we can easily communicate to answer all of your questions and teach you the fundamentals of dementia. If you don’t know how to use video or teleconferencing technology, don’t worry, our technology specialists can help get you set up. You are also able to download any of our products and resources.

Q2: Why is the company called “The Big D”? Don’t you know it’s phallic?

A2: We named our company “The Big D” for two reasons. First of all, “The Big C” is a common term for reference to “cancer”. People are terrified of cancer. Cancer is essentially caused by anything under the sun and including the sun. Cancer isn’t picky – anyone can get it, even the healthiest of us. All these qualities and more are common to dementia. Dementia is an up-and-coming syndrome that is affecting masses and can now be considered a pandemic (worldwide influence). We thought the name “The Big D” was therefore appropriate.

The second reason we named our company “The Big D” is because IT IS phallic. Dementia can be such a devastating condition. It is so important to keep a light heart and a sense of humor throughout the journey. We thought that by calling our company “The Big D”, we might make a lot of people laugh. If we can make someone laugh even just a little bit during a time of sadness and stress, then we have already accomplished one of our goals.

Q3: I don’t get off work until 7pm…Can I still book an appointment for 8pm?

A3: Not to worry. Our purpose is to support you and your family while you support your loved one living with dementia. We know you make countless sacrifices everyday for your loved one and could use a day or two where someone else works around your schedule. Not a problem, this is what we are here for. Coordinating with large families can also make it a bit more difficult, but not to worry, we will figure it out together. You are not alone.

Q4: My mother tells me the same thing within 5 minutes during conversation. Does she have dementia?

A4: There could be many reasons why your mother told you the same story within 5 minutes of each other. Of course, this could be the beginning signs of dementia. But it could also happen because she is stressed about something and not thinking clearly. It could also be a symptom of another illness or condition causing mental confusion that is completely reversible. The best thing to do is keep a diary of any occurrences you notice that seem “off” or not her norm. If these start to become more and more frequent, then you can take this diary to the doctor with your mother, and ask for help.